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The 600 Watt LED Grow Lamp From Viparspectra

  • Monday, 19 September 2022
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The 600 Watt LED Grow Lamp From Viparspectra

The 600 watt LED grow lamp has two cooling fans and a built-in aluminium heat sink to help ensure that your plants get the best possible care. This unit has a lifespan of 100,000 hours and is suitable for indoor use. Its Daisy chain design allows you to connect up to 4 lights together to cover a larger area.

The Advanced Platinum LED P600 emits a full 12-band spectrum, providing your marijuana plants with high-quality light. This light boosts the production of new cells and healthy leaves. It is also energy-efficient and easy to install. It has a high-quality design, and is one of the best sellers in the entry-mid-level grow light category. If you're serious about growing your cannabis, consider getting this 600 watt LED grow lamp from Viparspectra.

The Super Lumen Beam 600W LED Grow Light features Nanolux Technology to give your plants exceptional performance through the plant's entire life cycle. Its 2.7mmol/W output produces optimum crop quality. The grow space can accommodate up to 1.5m x 1.5m with this unit.

The Viparspectra PAR600 is another full spectrum LED grow lamp that uses three separate mode switches to simulate real sunlight. It features a built-in secondary optical lens to increase the light's PPFD. It covers a three' x three' grow area well and produces solid yields.

This 600W LED grow lamp has 60 LEDs and a 90-120 degree LED angle. It has a warranty of five years, dual switch functionality, and universal light colors. With these features, you'll be able to grow cannabis in the most comfortable environment possible. If you want to grow cannabis outdoors, choose a sunny location in an area that is warm and sunny.

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