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LED Grow Lights - What You Need to Know

  • Thursday, 21 October 2021
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LED Grow Lights - What You Need to Know

The new LED grow light from Philips and Grow Life is the Philips Lumikit Grow Light with High Intensity Line.led grow lights lm301h The new system from Philips is a combination of technology that allows you to control the amount of light that goes into your plants or even your indoor garden, while saving money in the process. They have taken the high tech approach to growing lights to the low budget market with the Lumikit Grow Light. I have been testing this system for three months and have had lots of success growing under artificial light.

The first thing that I noticed about the Lumikit Grow Light is that it uses about two hundred lumens per watt.led grow lights lm301h led grow lights lm301h That is the highest number that I can find on any product of this type. However, this led grow lights has achieved this number through four different sources, including its own LED lights, a three inch fluorescent bulb, a twenty watt incandescent bulb, and the standard twelve volt panel that is in most of today's indoor grow environments. It is a great thing that they have used so many different sources to make this system. In addition, it does not use a great deal of electricity, being only about two hundred watts compared to the other products that I have reviewed that use eleven or twelve hundred watts.

Secondly, the company has another very cool feature that I like to call "immersion lighting".led grow lights lm301h led grow lights lm301h This is where they attach metal foil to a twenty wattage LED grow light. This mounting will help the grower or gardener to get the plant in the right location without completely overwhelming the lighting source itself. Many products I have reviewed limit the possible light to only a few watts at a time.

On top of all of this, the LED grow lights inside the indoor garden pots are very well made. They are solid and have not broken even once during my thousand of hours of testing them. The heat sink on the back of the system is also very useful when heating and cooling is needed for a specific time of the day. Also, there are several accessories that the company sells that are really great additions. For example, the grow room bag is great for keeping fertilizer and soil completely separate.

The bottom line is that the LED grow lights inside the indoor garden pots are well made and produce great quality results. The price is a little bit on the higher side, but considering the amount of work you put into growing your herb garden will be well worth the extra cost. They also do what most other grow lights do; they just turn on and off instead of constantly cycling on and off. This means that you can turn your lights on and off as frequently as you want.

In summary, I love the LED grow light inside the indoor vegetable garden pots. It's energy efficient and produces gorgeous results. The price is a little on the high side, but if you are a serious gardener I would recommend it. The lights use less wattage than many other grow lights, but you get a lot of light for the money. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to start growing indoors, in pots or containers.

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