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Buying a 600W LED Horticulture Light

  • Monday, 07 November 2022
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Buying a 600W LED Horticulture Light

The Slim600H Gen2 is one of Samsung's newest horticulture LED lights.600w led horticulture light Its unique design combines Blue LEDs with Red LEDs to promote the best bud quality. It is easy to setup and comes with adjustable rope ratchet hangers. It is ideal for use in grow tents and grow rooms.

It uses two-thirds the energy of a 600W HID light. Its lifespan is up to 100,000 hours. It is also CE certified and features a 3 year warranty. The light's temperature is regulated and runs 70% cooler than conventional HID lights. It also comes with a timer for optimum plant growth.

If you're considering buying an LED light for your garden, you'll want to think about its power consumption. It costs about $30 a month to run a 600W horticulture light for 18 hours each day. Depending on the KW/Hr rate, this amount can add up. However, the cost of running the light drops to $12 a day during flowering.

600w LED horticulture lights are available in several different sizes and wattages. Some of them can cover a veg footprint of up to seven square feet, while smaller models can cover a five-square-foot area. Choosing the right size will depend on the LED's specs, and the size of the plants. On average, you can fit four to eight plants under a 600w LED light.

CREE is a leading manufacturer of LEDs. The Optic 6 grow light has six 80-watt CREE CXB 2540 COBs and 96 supplemental 5w Bridgestar/EpiLEDs. In addition, the light also includes a built-in timer.

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