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880W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

  • Thursday, 27 October 2022
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880W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Samsung and Osram both produce high-quality 880W full spectrum LED grow lights with high efficacy levels and 50000 hours of lifespan. The high-powered bulbs help to maximize plant growth and yield while reducing energy costs. The LEDs also feature embedded dampers that help to keep the light steady no matter which angle you place them.

The LED chips in these grow lights were specifically designed for plant lighting. They have shorter wavelengths (435nm peak) to suppress microbial growth and higher blue spectrum to promote terpene and THC production. The proprietary blend of diodes used by Samsung optimizes plant growth, flowering times, and yields. They also reduce operating costs.

The Spectrum Y uses 880 watts and offers 2.8 mmol/J output with an efficacy of 2.8 umol/s. The high-efficiency operation of Spectrum Y helps optimize plant development, enhance harvest quality, and minimize operating costs. The fixture is made of a strong grade aluminum alloy and is equipped with balancing dampers for proper light distribution.

Eagle Star Lighting offers a series of foldable dimmable 880W full spectrum LED grow lights with adjustable color temperature. They also come with UV/IR LED panels for added flexibility and control. The ESF8800 series is designed for commercial growers and has 4 tunable spectrums. For example, the V1 spectrum offers balanced red and blue wavelengths while the F1 spectrum provides a sufficient amount of deep red to stimulate blooming. Adding UV or IR LEDs will help promote healthy stem growth, proper node spacing, and increased flower count.

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